Portal 2 Animation

2011-06-03 23:57:25 by UltraEd12

Working on a Portal related animation. Should be done really soon if I don't procrastinate too much. For the plot of this animation it's basically going to be a real-life situation of when my brother and I were playing the 2-player co-op mode. All I can tell you now is that hilarity will ensue.

And here's a sneak peek pic:

Portal 2 Animation

Faster Animation

2010-03-14 01:48:00 by UltraEd12

It has been a year since I last posted here! So anyway, due to the success of my animation Pull My Finger I will start animating with 20 frames per second instead of 12.

Faster Animation

Things I'm Working On

2009-03-10 20:23:35 by UltraEd12

I'm working on a Cartoon Quiz that's going to have like a Mega Man theme to it (I have been playing a lot of Mega Man, lately.)

I am also going to make a few music videos that will be posted some time after March (April is when I get my tablet).Here is a list of songs that i am going to animate:
- All Star
- Make A Man Out Of You
- Average Man
- A Complicated Song
- Trigger Happy
- White And Nerdy (maybe)

If there is a song that u want me to animate, put it in the comments.

I've been playing way too much Mega Man!


Things I'm Working On

Empty Space

2009-01-13 18:38:04 by UltraEd12

I am writing this post because my channel is too empty.